Volunteer Centre Camden

Volunteer Centre Camden exists to support and encourage volunteering and promoting equality of access to volunteer opportunities for all people in Camden. Volunteer Centre Camden works with organisations to develop volunteering opportunities, ensuring high standards in volunteer management.


  • To offer a brokerage service that empowers people who are looking to volunteer to find a role that interests them, and to help promote organisations volunteering opportunities.
  • To excite and inform people in Camden about the potential of volunteering to benefit both themselves and their communities.
  • To promote the development of good practice in relation to the involvement of volunteers among volunteer involving organisations.
  • To create new volunteering opportunities in Camden.
  • To comment and campaign on national and local issues that affect volunteering or volunteers.
  • To take an active role in the strategic development of volunteering.


  • To improve quality of life in Camden through active citizenship
  • To increase volunteering in Camden
  • To improve the accessibility of volunteering to all in Camden
  • To increase the quality of volunteer involvement in Camden for the benefit of volunteers, community organisations and the wider community


Volunteer Centre Camden
2 Grafton Yard

t: 020 7424 9990
e: Info@volunteercentrecamden.org.uk
w: volunteercentrecamden.org.uk