Policy Advice and Support

In response to new policy developments from the Localism and Public Service Acts, VAC is able to offer support and advice to Civic Society Organisations (CSOs) in relation to:

  • Funding
  • Governance
  • Localism
  • Changes in welfare system
  • Housing / tenant issues
  • Planning system
  • Community rights
  • Social impact.

Localism and Public Service

The Localism Act will bring about a shift of power to local communities affording them a series of Community Rights as well as Neighbourhood Plans and a Community Infrstructure Levy.  This along with the government’s proposals for the reconfiguration of public services, provides a number of opportunities for civil society organisations to become key drivers in the empowerment of communities and promoting local  social action.

Support could range from large Community Centres/Associations developing assets to small volunteer led groups like library users setting up homework clubs and keeping libraries open or even support to develop a Neighourhood Planning Project for your area.

Neighbourhood Planning

VAC began work on The Camden Blueprint Project which set out to test neighbourhood planning in two inner London neighbourhoods. The intention has been to  use methods that mobilise as many people as possible, address issues of access and equality, and highlight the importance of having the capacity to deliver neighbourhood planning through effective community development work and independent technical aid.

You can find out more about each project on the VAC website.   Learning from the process so-far, has been documented in the Camden Blueprint report which is available to download.

Contact Donna Turnbull at VAC for more information.