This is a new initiative led by Volunteer Center Camden.  The SkillShare allows people with professional skills to offer their services as volunteers to volunteer involving organisations.

There are over 200 voluntary sector organisations working in our borough and they are in need of a vast range of skills and experience. Organisations currently register volunteering opportunities with us that are regular on going volunteering roles .  Professionals then offer their skills on a consultancy basis, or to complete a specific project to use their expertise in the most effective way.

What is SkillShare? SkillShare helps connect volunteers with specific skills with organisations looking for those skills. The volunteering takes place in Camden, the volunteers must have at least three years’ experience of their skill and all of the organisations are not-for-profit.

How does it work? Volunteers and organisations sign up to the free service and the volunteer bank coordinator helps to find a good match. The volunteer and organisation get in touch, and if all goes well, the volunteering takes place.

Why is this a good thing? Volunteers get a chance to use their skills, give something something back to the local community and feel useful and valued. Many not-for-profit organisations operate on a shoestring, and have a lengthy ‘to do list’. SkillShare can help them do things they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do, therefore strengthening services for the local community.

For more information please contact Kayleigh Collins, SkillShare Coordinator at or 020 7424 9990.