Save Money with the Camden Bulk Buy Scheme

Voluntary Action Camden is aware of the pressures faced by its members, in needing to reduce costs. Additionally, with the current squeeze on funding, many charities are under-resourced and as a result each staff member is left with more work to cope with. The result is that charities are desperate to reduce costs, but struggle to find the time to search the market for reputable providers to review their services and negotiate better contracts.    

With this in mind, VAC has spent months looking across various sectors to find industry-leading service providers and has negotiated specially discounted group rates for VAC members. The goal here is to help members benefit from service improvements and significant cost savings, but without having to spend much of their time. We are very excited about the opportunity and hope you are too. The key areas of focus are energy, insurance and telecoms as there have been developments in these industries in 2013 which are being missed by many charities.

The process is very straightforward:

1)      We have negotiated a free review for members. All you need to do is send a recent energy bill, phone/broadband bill and insurance schedule in complete confidence to Paul Bragman at

2)      Paul will liaise with the selected providers and you will be presented with a proposal outlining the benefits and savings specifically available to your organisation

3)      There is no obligation to take up any of the offers, but we are confident that the industry-leading rates and service levels will be difficult to beat

4)      VAC members have already benefited from savings of over 25%

For your interest the websites for the chosen suppliers are listed below, however to ensure you benefit from the VAC group rate please go through Paul Bragman:

–          Lumina Energy

–          Giles Insurance

–          2 Circles Communications (telecoms)


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