Launch of new ‘Give Camden’ website by London Community Foundation

The London Community Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of Give Camden, a convenient way for businesses and individuals to provide immediate funding for local Camden charities AND help build up an endowment to provide support for the local voluntary sector in the future.

The way it works is simple: donors can give a gift of any size, and half of it will immediately support five local Camden groups, and the other half of the donation will help build an endowment fund for Camden (where it will be matched on a 50% basis). The initial areas of focus are support for families and children, unemployed youth, and vulnerable older people. Donors to the Camden Community Fund can visit the five groups to see their giving in action. The five groups that will be supported with half the donations will change regularly, and as the endowment fund grows, it will support a larger number of Camden groups.

For more information and to make a donation, visit or contact Gabrielle Sturrock on 0207 582 5117.


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